Director's Message

Education is not just about the things that are learned and taught in classes. Becoming trained is not limited to being in school, then collecting qualifications, and becoming proud of oneself. It's a lifetime exercise that can be incredibly rewarding if we want to get on the adventure train and enjoy a trip to every possible spot on earth. Now we know this can't be managed actually, but how do we manage it, first in school and then when we go on life's journey?

First, we all have to be on the same page: students, teachers and parents have to realize that schooling is not limited to classroom lessons from textbooks. Parents and teachers would inspire as many questions as possible. And it's learning to know who will really get to know.

Information hunger isn't limited to the boy. It is also important that a parent and teacher keep contributing to their own information bank by keeping their eyes and ears open and reading as much as possible and ensuring that children also grow these behaviors.

Besides all the above, that adds to children being truly educated, schools and teachers must ensure that children have an enriching experience society. Surprisingly, these encounters cultivate the ingenuity and imagination of a child, leading to something often considered more important than intelligence. Creativity and creativity help kids grow up as responsible adults, who then arrive as global citizens ready to make their own great contribution to mankind.

"Imagination is greater than experience. For intelligence is restricted to what we now know and understand, while creativity encompasses the whole universe, and all there is ever to know and understand" - Albert Einstein

My appeal to the Rustam Model School and College Principals, Staff, Students and respected Parents to devote this year to a correct understanding of what education truly means and let us all learn from this understanding.