Our Mission

The Rustam Model School and College aims to fulfill the burden of unique educational targets for students and to grow resilient, autonomous and socially adept young children. We plan to promote:

  • scholarly sound
  • Self-discipline, self-worth
  • Respect to others
  • Co-operative learning skills

Our devoted employees are extremely interested in all children and committed to the potential success of each child by delivering educational services that foster individual development and accomplishment, teamwork, and cooperation with others.

Students are encouraged to have considerable feedback and responsibility for learning. Our workers prepare learning patterns, group work, teamwork, and a wide variety of cognitive skills to foster deep understanding and awareness. Any pupil, parent, and instructor contributes to the Individual Learning Plans of students based on student achievement.

Our confidence in giving your child a diverse and realistic learning experience at the Rustam Model School and College culminated in an exciting, rigorous curriculum incorporating:

  • Strengthening numeracy and literacy
  • Thinking Skills PG– Grade 12
  • A program for healthy environment
  • Multimedia and engineering capabilities
  • Visiting Library and Art Programs
  • Active physical education and inter-school athletics

Exposure in the arts

In addition, a wonderful buddy program is in operation as well as a robust student leadership initiative with active participation.

The Rustam Model School and College has an active relationship between school, house and society. We ensure that each child receives the treatment, attention, and resources that will help them learn, expand their perspectives, and gain the self-confidence they need to evolve into twenty-first-century active young adults.

The Rustam Model School and College offers special needs comprehensive education for infants.

The Rustam Model School and College honors the viewpoints of students and integrates them into school-related planning, organization, and practice. We regularly provide leadership experiences for students to:

  • Accept responsibilities with dignity and fairness
  • Promote vision and mission
  • Work together and lead others
  • Responsibility and decision-making capabilities

Honor others by their behavior